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Review is renewed!  02/10/23

On the occasion of the entry of new members and the start of development of new projects, our company has planned the creation of a page Instagram: Review SpA ( • Photos andInstagram videos (which we invite you to follow to stay updated on our projects) and a total graphic redesign of the website.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-02 at 12.12_edite

From the left:

Dr. Matteo Orfano

Arch. Giancarlo Curiale

Arch. Davide Zito

Arch. Francesco Fermo

Arch. Luigi Franchini

Arch. Clarissa Repaci

Arch. Alice Di Giacinto

Geom. Philip Cei

Arch. Ilaria D'Aquino

Arch. Stefano Bartocci

Arch. Cecilia Simonetti

Eng. Fabio Marnini

Arch. Francesca Di Lalla

Arch. Martina Castellini

Arch. Tatiana Piccina

GREEN WEEK 09/28/23  -  01/10/23

Review actively participated in the event held by Euromilano to promote the new commercial lot of R8. 

The event, which took place on the evening of 28/09 and continued throughout the weekend 30/09 - 01/10, saw many of the members at the forefront in presenting the project to future buyers and, in particular, the founding member Arch. Francesca Di Lalla participated in the official presentation on the evening of Thursday 28/09.

Info and Event Link:

Green week 1_edited.jpg

Photo from 09/30 at Cascina Merlata model area. THEThe model created for the promotion of lot R8 - Inspire Uptown is highlighted

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